Luxury Ice Fishing House Rental

Come out and fish in the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area! We offer Ice Castle & Glaciers fish houses, heated and ready to fish. We have spear house options as well.

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Ice Fishing House Rentals

Make this winter a memorable one! Ice Guys invites you to try ice fishing, the favorite pastime of Minnesotans. Immerse yourself in picturesque lake views and serene tunes as you drop your hook through the icy surface – grab any necessary gear from our selection of wheeled ice houses for rent. With all these amenities, consider it an experience not to miss out on!

Enjoy a premium, unparalleled experience out on the lake with our custom-built Ice Castle ice house rentals! Ready yourself for an unforgettable adventure and take in all of Minnesota's hidden gems from your warmly appointed abode. Get cozy amongst unbeatable comfort aboard these state-of-the art ice houses as you explore the Brainerd Lakes Area alongside family and friends!

Why Rent an Ice Fishing Sleeper House?

Minnesotans may be familiar with ice fishing in makeshift shelters, but the Ice Guys offer an exclusive experience. Our luxury fish house rentals provide a wealth of benefits that make hitting the lake even more enjoyable! Discover why renting one pays off—and have yourself a great day out on the frozen Minnesota waters.

Ice Fishing House Rentals

Our Ice Houses ensure your ice fishing experience is both enjoyable and comfortable. Each rental comes with a TV, DVD player, bluetooth stereo and winter toilet so you don't have to leave the safety of your unit when nature calls! Plus there's room for hot meals cooked on stoves or microwaves plus an opportunity to snuggle up after a long day in the cold waiting for that big bite. Scoping out those "hot spots" has never been easier - even during Minnesotan winters!

Ice Castle Rental

Lake of the Woods 8 ft x 21 ft + V Nose Edition

ice castle ice house

Ice Castle Fish House Amenities

  1. 2 Fold Down Bunks (Twin)
  2. AM/FM Radio
  3. Non-Smoking Unit
  4. Microwave
  5. 4 Rattle Reels
  6. Dinette/Bed (Full)
  7. DVD Player
  8. Oven
  9. Cook Top
  10. Smoke Detector
  11. Jackknife Sofa (Twin)
  12. Self-Controlled Heat System
  13. Private Bathroom
  14. Generator/Gas
  15. Carbon Monoxide Detector
  16. 8 Drilled Holes
  17. LED Smart TV
  18. Smoke Detectors
  19. Coffee Maker
  20. Fire Extinguisher
  21. Parking Area
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ice castle ice house floor plan

Glacier Ice House Rental

Glacier 16RD 8 ft x 16 ft + V Nose Edition

glacier ice house

Glacier Fish House Amenities

  1. Dinette/Bed (Full)
  2. DVD Player
  3. LED Smart TV
  4. Smoke Detectors
  5. Coffee Maker
  6. Carbon Monoxide Detector
  7. Electric Lift Bed (Full)
  8. AM/FM Radio
  9. Non-Smoking Unit
  10. Microwave
  11. 4 Rattle Reels
  12. Fire Extinguisher
  13. Jackknife Sofa (Twin)
  14. CD Player
  15. Oven
  16. Cook Top
  17. 7 Drilled Holes
  18. Ceiling Fan
  19. Fold Down Bunk (Twin)
  20. Self-Controlled Heat System
  21. Private Bathroom
  22. Generator/Gas
  23. Smoke Detector
  24. Parking Area
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Glacier ice house floor plan