Up North Fish House Rental

Our ice house rentals are on three of the main fishing lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We keep you in touch with the hottest fishing spots in the area.

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Where to go Ice Fishing

We are constantly moving our ice houses between the three main lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We go where the fish are biting. We place our ice houses on Gull Lake, North Long Lake, and Lake Hubert.

Ice Fishing On Gull Lake

Gull Lake is the perfect destination for ice fishing this winter! With a massive 10,000 acres of frozen lake surface and conveniently located heated fish houses with up to 8 holes available, you're sure to get your line in the water at just the right spot. Our luxury Brainerd ice house rentals also provide lights, chairs and rattling reels so all that's left is to get your line in the water and start catching fish - Minnesota's finest ice fishing experience awaits!

Ice Fishing On North Long Lake

North Long is a much-loved destination for walleye fishing due to its ample size and the yearly stocking of fish. Despite some decrease in numbers since our last survey, fishermen can still happily fish here with confidence as we found average catches were about 4.5 per net, each measuring around 15 inches long! Basing on electrofishing results from 2019 runtimes, North Long's largemouth bass population looks strong - boasting nearly 100 per hour rate alongside 68% sizing at 12" or larger while Northern pike are commonly seen during trips out onto this lake with 13 catching rates per net and 17 percent reaching sizes over 24"! Unfortunately panfish seemed plentiful but smaller than expected; black crappie caught high yet felt short on widths recorded across measurements taken throughout 2009 site surveys.

Ice Fishing On Lake Hubert

Hubert Lake is the ideal fishing destination for those seeking to explore Nisswa lake's abundant fisheries. With a depth of 83 feet and an impressive 1,287 acres in size, Hubert Lake boasts some of the best smallmouth bass angling opportunities around!

The regulations put in place for Hubert Lake are having a positive effect on the fish population. During one survey, smallmouth bass were captured at an impressive rate of 12 per hour and boasted an average size of 15.4 inches with some reaching up to 20.9 inches! Largemouths weren't far behind them - they had a capture rate of 118/hr with 13.3 inch averages that could reach 18+ inches long! Walleyes have been stocked into this lake every three years which is making quite the impact - 9 walleye catches per gill net exceeded expectations compared to other lakes similar in size to Hubert proving these regulation changes are effective when it comes boosting populations and sizes alike

Hubert Lake offers a diverse set of fishing opportunities for anglers looking to escape the city. Northern pike were sampled at an average size of 21.7", with some lucky catches stretching up to 32.3"! About 25 percent measured 24" or greater, and it's recommended that these big fish be released back into the lake in order to foster balanced population growth. There is also no shortage of black crappie; 1 per gill net on average - many coming out 8" or larger! Although bluegills were only present 13 times in each trap net, this rate was still consistent compared to similar lakes nearby allowing them just as much opportunity for their next great catch!

With an average size of 5.9" and some specimens reaching as large 8.5", nearly 56% of the fish caught during this survey exceeded 6". A variety of species were sampled such as black bullhead, brown bullhead, common carp, hybrid sunfish, pumpkinseed, rock bass , tullibee white sucker yellow perch - just to name a few!