Ice Fishing Trips

Are you ready to experience ice fishing in total comfort, efficiency and privacy? With our top-notch staff on hand to provide helpful advice, your trip is guaranteed to be a smashing success! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and lock down your reservation today – because nothing beats reeling in that big catch with complete luxury at an affordable price.

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Go Ice Fishing

At Ice Guys, we offer the opportunity to take ice fishing up a notch with updated and comfortable ice fishing shacks. Enjoy all of your favorite hobbies out on the frozen lake while making sure you can be just as cozy as you would be back home! With various sizes for groups big or small, customized amenities such as beds, bathrooms, and kitchenettes - this hobby is becoming more accessible than ever before. Bond with family members in an impressive new way by renting one of our beautiful Ice Houses – it might even convince someone who wasn’t interested before!

Extended Ice Fishing Trips

In the depths of winter, some anglers take their pursuit to a new level - extended ice fishing trips. With limited space in vehicles and camping setups for supplies, it's essential to bring only essentials; rationing meals and conserving energy will be key elements on such an excursion!

Make your extended getaway even more enjoyable with a rental from the Ice Guys! An ice house gives you the extra room needed to store all your supplies, making it easy and convenient for any length trip — whether that be a weekend or an entire week. You can avoid clutter by maximising storage space throughout the cozy abode so you have plenty of time to enjoy nature without worrying about where everything goes.

The Ice Guys takes the hassle out of ice fishing, offering services like generators, satellites and augers so that you can make the most of your therapeutic getaway. With their help, it's easier than ever to extend a few extra days on the icy retreat – plan less and experience more while grounding yourself in calm!

Kids Ice Fishing

Ice fishing trips provide an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy the outdoors together. With a bit of preparation and careful consideration, any family can have a rewarding experience on the ice! From making sure your auger is fully charged up to packing plenty of snacks - there are plentiful preparations that go into planning such excursions with kids in tow. Make sure you ready yourself by considering these key points before embarking upon your next winter adventure out onto frozen waters!

  • Watch the Weather
    Ice fishing can be a great way to explore the outdoors and make memories, but blustery winter weather can put an end to fun before it even starts. When temperatures dip into the teens or lower, kids may not want spend all day cooped up in an ice shanty - so pick your days wisely! Opt for conditions where playing outside is comfortable; if there's too much slush around they won't have as good of a time.
  • Dress for Success
    Kids may not be quite as prepared for winter weather as adults, but that doesn't mean they can’t enjoy the snow! Make sure to arm them with layers of protection against extreme cold and a few extra accessories in case anyone gets too enthusiastic while playing. This way, everyone will stay warm during even the most frigid days outside.
  • Start Simple
    Fishing is a great way to get kids excited and engaged in the outdoors. Setting up an arsenal of tip-ups can be especially exciting for children, as they have the freedom to move around or play while still being part of all the action when a fish takes hold! If that’s not enough engagement, try jigging - though it's best to go with an affordable combo just in case accidents do happen on a cold day at the lake!

Ice Fishing Vacation Privacy

Fishing can be the key to forging both family and romantic bonds. Whether with a friend, family member, or special someone - there's something truly unique about sharing an ice fishing experience together that makes relationships even stronger! It provides you not only with what could possibly be your next favorite hobby but also serves as an intimate retreat from everyday life; why fight for attention among the hubbub of bustling bars when out on tranquil waters are just awaiting exploration?

Forget the thin walls of traditional tents – with Fractional Toys, you can enjoy a peaceful getaway in a luxury ice house! Enjoy quality time together without having to stifle your laughter or conversations. Keep cozy and leave all worries behind - it's guaranteed privacy at its finest.