Ice Fishing How To

Are you feeling adventurous and looking to try something unique this winter? Why not give ice fishing a go! Ice fishing is a fun, yet sometimes challenging activity that requires skill and patience. We will find you the right location using the best bait and tackle. With our luxury ice houses, you'll be able to have a successful first ice fishing adventure!

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How to Ice Fish

When it comes to ice fishing out on the open lake it can be a lot of work, just watch this video on How To Ice Fish 101.

The Ice Guys make it super easy by renting out their luxury ice houses. We offer the opportunity to take ice fishing up a notch with updated and comfortable ice house rentals. Enjoy all of your favorite hobbies out on the frozen lake while making sure you can be just as cozy as you would be back home!

With various sizes for groups big or small, customized amenities such as beds, bathrooms, and kitchenettes - this hobby is becoming more accessible than ever before.

Bond with family members in an impressive new way by renting one of our beautiful Ice Houses – it might even convince someone who wasn’t interested before!

Ice Fishing Tips

Ice Fishing Bait

The type of bait you should use for ice fishing depends on the species of fish you are trying to catch. Some popular options include:

Fishing is an unpredictable and exciting pastime, not least of all because fish’s tastes can differ even from day to day. Whether you're going for trout or pike, your local tackle shop should have a few delectable options on offer - shiners come in different sizes so you can pick the perfect bite-sized morsel while chubs bring variety at an economical price. Treating the lake like a buffet table means offering up quite the selection; this way when one bait type isn't tempting enough you always have another option ready to cast!

Using an Ice Fishing Jig

If your winter fishing skills are in need of a boost, look no further than ice jigging. Ice jigging is an effective technique that can be done with either live bait or lures and requires the angler to drop their line into the water followed by slow, deliberate movements like raising it up off the bottom a few inches before dropping back down again.

This method works best on smaller fish such as panfish but should not move too quickly or erratically - otherwise they may decide it's more effort than its worth! Give it a try this season for you and some friends out on icy waters full of potential catches!

Using Tip-Ups

Ice fishing tip-ups are devices used to detect when a fish bites on a fishing line that is suspended under the ice. To use a tip-up, follow these steps:

  • Drill a hole in the ice using an auger. This is already done for you when you rent an ice house from The Ice Guys.
  • Place the tip-up over the hole with the line running through the hole and into the water.
  • Set the line to the desired depth by adjusting the line release mechanism on the tip-up.
  • Bait the hook with your desired bait and wait for a fish to bite.
  • When a fish bites, the flag on the tip-up will be raised, indicating that a fish is on the line.
  • Retrieve the line by pulling it up through the hole in the ice, being careful not to let the fish off the hook.
  • Once you have landed the fish, you can reset the tip-up to wait for the next bite.